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Well hello there! I'm Maria Magdalena Robert. People use to call me Maria. Born on 17th July 1995. from kanowit but stay at Sibu. Im iban girl, pure Iban:) Roman Catholic. I hate those bitches, haters, faker, pretender and back stabber. Never mess up with me cause im vindictive typle of girl. I repeat it again, im VINDICTIVE person(sometimes) Hihi :D I will be nice to you if you'll be nice to me. You respect me, i'll respect you back! MM;

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Goodbye Boyfriend

Hi there fellas! On 1st october im officially be a single girl. How can i become single? -.-' I think this is my personal problem so no need for you to know right. Honestly, after I break up with him I feel sad. But when I try to think positively, there's no reason for me to be sad. Na'ah:) When God said this is the end between me and him so this is the end. I should be thankful for the happiness between me and him. I thanks to God for my past life and I will pray to God for my coming week, month and year. I hope what has happen to me will teaching me how to love and know what love is. And for you my dear ex-boyfriend, thanks for everything for the hepinnes that you give to me since you with me whenever im happy or sad. You make me strong to face many kind of problem. For your information, there's no reason for me to hurt you even to hates you. You bring happiness in my life, when I lose you I feel like a heavy blanket go away from my heart. I want you to know, love is the best thing in our life. Appreciate your coming love. Never hurt your girl again. May God bless you always:) TAKE CARE

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