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Well hello there! I'm Maria Magdalena Robert. People use to call me Maria. Born on 17th July 1995. from kanowit but stay at Sibu. Im iban girl, pure Iban:) Roman Catholic. I hate those bitches, haters, faker, pretender and back stabber. Never mess up with me cause im vindictive typle of girl. I repeat it again, im VINDICTIVE person(sometimes) Hihi :D I will be nice to you if you'll be nice to me. You respect me, i'll respect you back! MM;

Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch movie

7 August - Ahad haritu aku bawa Mr.AA aku pergi tengok wayang. Biase lah tu org tengah hangat bercinta. Hahahaha. Aku dgn dia tengok cite Mr.Popper, best jugak la. Cite tu lucu tu lah bestt hihi. Time tu aku happy sangat. He hold my hand and hug me tightly. OMG, i love him. Jangan jealous yer. Dia balak aku tauuu. Haha!

P/Script: I love you dear. Amirrul Ahmad 

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